Promote how to solve 5280 farmers to water this year safety
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In October a day of the middle ten days of a month, promote install a county to promote village of the autonomy that install a town appoint Wu Huizhi of cooperative village group leader is taking a reporter to leave this village by the side of a rice field with 1 far kilometer, pointing to that to holding the position of whole village life to use water and nearly 200 mus of dry land to irrigate alive the well agitato of important task says: "Look, that is the well that the government goes money to help our village hit. Find this fountainhead to be able to not allow easy ah, only survey optional location full busy a many month, chose 4 places to just decide to dig the well finally here. Chose 4 places to just decide to dig the well finally here..
We see in village mouth one breaks drifting urine channel, the water in channel not only smelly and cloudy. "Having notting building this to water before the project, the villager people wash the dress in this smelly ditch all the time. " villager Yang Xihua says: "Good now, wash clothes cook need not go out seek water, farm fill water need not get up in the middle of the night defend water, this can solve big difficult problem for the farmer, development agriculture will be produced henceforth with respect to handy. Development agriculture will be produced henceforth with respect to handy..
Solve water safe problem this is to promote install a county one of 15 real issues that acceptance is run by the local people this year. Cultivate of this county person waters project task is to solve 10 natural villages of 3000 people water safe problem. Up to on October 15, entire county already had 9 natural villages to connect water, village of bound head Bao Feng appoint 95% what Home Jiang Tian Cun also has completed project. This county already solved 5280 people actually this year water safe.
The country waters the problem is the problem that broad farmer cares most and urgent need solves, also be party and government do a of real issue for masses " project of common feelings of people " . Be in " 915 " in the program, promote install a county to water safe project in all 109 place, dig deep well among them 44 place, pilot a ship into a harbour 54 place, carry water net of 7 place, enlarge 4 place. Build perch adjustment water tower (cistern) 104, install or build establishment of only water treatment 6 () , pumping station of room of management of construction of form a complete set, pump water, feed pipe net, water quality monitors the establishment such as equipment. Total dimensions of program design water supply is 9273 tons / day; Solve a country to water safe population 48950 people. So far, "915 " carry out two years to come, entire county invests capital eight million five hundred and forty-five thousand five hundred yuan, already solved 20282 people water safe problem. (