Construction of go into operation of plant of sewage of district of clever hill
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On October 23, the go into operation of plant of sewage of district of clever hill town that is located in the project that general of clever hill county spreads to always invest 99.14 million yuan is built.
Sewage treatment plant of division of clever hill town accumulates many mus 50 with the ground. Project project will be used reform advancedly model oxidation channel craft undertakes designing building, first phase builds dimensions day to handle sewage to be 30 thousand tons, 2 period sewage of processing of construction dimensions day can amount to 50 thousand tons, sewage tubal a network collects ability to be daily 50 thousand tons. Project estimation total investment is 99.14 million yuan, take BOT kind, participate in according to “ government dominant, enterprise, the market runs ” principle, invest build by limited company of engineering of Guangxi scene environmental protection. The project predicts time limit for a project is 2 years, to 2010 the complete before the bottom is checked and accept, after moving normally, sewage can amount to standard of B of national primary standard to discharge via tackling water quality.