Hunan individual plant continent lash-up of safeguard of the water supply that
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Hunan river dry season comes, add Hunan river individual plant continent paragraph discover unusual alga, yesterday (on October 27) , staff member of tap water of town of individual plant continent introduces, water of source of works of 4 water of town of individual plant continent all is taken from Hunan river, at present each water works takes cistern to still can take water normally, water quality has safeguard, but one, 2, 3 water works takes water tank clear already and visible, if Hunan river water level continues to drop, one water works will most appear first difficulty extraction water, cannot take water even. Current, company of tap water of town of individual plant continent already started water supply to ensure lash-up beforehand case.
According to calendar year experience, dry season comes, water quality detects the station strengthens pair of source water, leave factory of 50 index such as water, water tubal a network monitor; Water works laboratory strengthens pair of each link to undertake sampling detecting; Precipitation water, filter water, leave factory water main clean water link undertakes round-the-clock 24 hours are monitored, have take turns sampling observation to losing conduit network at the same time.
4 water works at the same time aggrandizement craft of convention clean water, slant in the light of alga of Hunan river near future much phenomenon, increase the amount that cast vitriol, reduce precipitation to give water turbidity; Increase before precipitation craft increase chloric point, restrain the breed of alga.
Drop as Hunan river water level, ability of Hunan river self-purification is reduced, water quality of company of drain off water of town of individual plant continent detects the center is increased detect strength, 24 hours detect show, at present all this city sewage treatment plant all amount to mark to discharge.