Guangdong benefit city will build extend plant of 33 sewage processing
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Come nearly two years, the water pollution incident that a few towns of domestic appear one after another, ring the alarm bell that the source protects urban drinking water noisy. As dilate of limits of our city city, citizen drinking water the safe problem of the source also more and more be paid close attention to. Current, what work did the branch do in this respect related the our city? Does drinking water source protect the current situation how? Have next why does method protect drinking water source not to get pollution better? Taking these issues, the reporter undertook relevant investigation is interviewed.
The current situation: Whole town delimit groove guard of fountainhead of 36 drinking water
By November 2007, standing conference discusses municipal government passed " safety of ground of fountainhead of drinking water of town of benefit state city guarantees a program " (the following abbreviation " program " ) . " program " the decision is in in the near future inside predict to invest 587 million yuan, safety of ground of fountainhead of executive town drinking water ensures a project, promote drinking water quality stage by stage, in urban market is being settled in the round before 2020, safety of ground of fountainhead of type drinking water guarantees an issue. " program " still be inside whole town limits delimit groove guard of fountainhead of 36 drinking water, manage the system, system that monitor and lash-up through building fountainhead ground to protect beforehand the measure such as the case, ground of control fountainhead water soil erosion and pollution, raise water standard, in order to ensure safety of urban water supply. Subsequently, the branch such as city environmental protection, irrigation works and each county (area) adopted series measure, enhance fountainhead land environmental protection.
According to bureau of city environmental protection relevant controller introduces, in last few years, the our city is caught very closely all the time to the protection of drinkable source of water, thought a lot of way, the effect is apparent also. The 2007 year that according to not long ago bureau of province environmental protection announces save environmental responsibility to assess a result completely, the our city is in assess 5 years continuously obtain after saving the 2nd completely, rise to first the first, among them water quality of drinking water source protects the job this one important test index obtained full marks.
But the personage introduction that pays close attention to environmental protection, in keep stable while environmental protection also is faced with our city water a few new issues. It is on one hand district of benefit state city is ceaseless and outspread in recent years, population amount increases, the mill is continuous also grow in quantity, increase quickly to the demand of drinking water; On the other hand, pressure of protection of safety of water quality of fountainhead of urban drinking water is greater and greater also. The contradiction that incorporate has industry and environmental protection hard very good solve; Cultivate birds breeds centrally become new contaminative source; A few enterprise, place for economic interest, environmental protection ban carries out not do one's best to wait a moment.
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