Peaceful arris county plans to raise fund 81 million yuan of common people that
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25 days, province study practice expands view activity scientificly room of adviser of government of team of dozenth direct inspection, province and the leader that visit irrigation works office peaceful again arris county survey understands security of this county country to water project progress circumstance.
Peaceful arris county is deficient water county, entire county shares 501 villages quarter, in the 243 villages collect of sampling observation water quality exceeds bid of 3 times above amount to 237, tap water enters a rate to be less than 40% , safe drinking water enters a rate to be less than 20% .
Implement scientific progress concept to carry out, province practice activity is dozenth direct inspection team and province counselor room peaceful to solve it is difficult that arris county country waters run with all possible means, counselor room fundses raised by oneself 200 thousand yuan, it is the countryside in peacefuling each aid builds 5 villages village and village of cabinet of long mountain area well of a deep water; Hall of province irrigation works also “ at top speed ” group person is driven toward peaceful arris studies the country changes water plan.
Water to solve rural security thoroughly problem, did not come 3 years, peaceful arris county drafts 81 million yuan to raise fund, executive country waters project 313 place, solve this county 400 villages collect of 31800 116800 people water problem. First phase project will in November end ends in the round, can solve 38 villages collect at the appointed time of 2591 9731 people water problem.