Xin city centers heat addition project to be in charge of net government to bur
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The net of canal of heat addition project that Xin city citizen worries about generally expends and today wintry Ming Chuncai warms cost had clear result -- decision of Xin Zhou municipal government: Center heat addition project to be in charge of a net to build cost not to dweller collection; Today wintry Mingchun's dweller warms oneself the price is not made adjust; Executive pyroelectricity couplet is offerred in transforming a project, already the charge to dweller collection is progressively go back; Mechanism is enterprise or business unit heat addition builds cost by be benefited unit and burden of the finance that be the same as class.
Begin from last year, xin city the city zone rolls out project of pyroelectricity heat addition to manage net construction in the round. To assure on time heating, city leads the spot for many times to solve a problem, sign military orders form with construction unit, assured the quality of the project and speed. The reporter sees, the street alley entrenchment of the city zone already was entered fill bury level, heat addition checks to undertaking. Concerned respect controller expresses, must let masses spend a warm winter.
A lot of to what appear in project and heating rise in price element, xin state city called together the branch such as construction, coal, finance, prices to make tear open solution in time to answer.