5 measure boost the stand east water safety project
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According to the requirement of country, province and saline city, as " countrywide country waters safe project demonstrative county " , before stage city wants to be by 2009 east, complete a bank in the round east area 300 thousand water insecure population changes water job. Among them, finish above all before the bottom this year one, 2 period project, solve south kitchen of Shen Zao, head, rich east, 10 towns such as Xu He 104 villages (house) two hundred and twenty-two thousand six hundred person waters insecure problem. For this, our region of this city union is actual circumstance, take 5 step, advance with all one's strength water safe project.
It is to increase policy to give aid to strength, much channel raises money construction financing. According to calculating, the stage city country that finish waters east safe project, village above part needs capital about 200 million yuan, among them project area one, 2 period the project needs capital about 90 million yuan. This city eliminates the project allowance that strives for superior actively outside capital, according to classification responsible principle, the director net that city is in charge of having plant of water of town, village is built, construction financing is striving for the base that visits allowance of area water supply to go up, finance of city, town presses province filling standard respectively 2/3, 1/3 have form a complete set, construction financing inadequacy is in charge of raising money by company of town tap water partly. Project of water supply of net of urban and rural couplet is carried out after reaching the designated position, in the extraction in water cost regular director network builds foundation, with the inadequacy that builds capital at solving director net. The town is in charge of what conduit net matchs under works of water of town, village be being transformed newlier, water to the country the tubal net inside area of safe project project is transformed, municipal government grants certain allowance according to concerned regulation. In the meantime, encourage social legal person actively to invest project contributing money, guide investment of social folk capital to participate in project. Use the land to project, city land bureau uses ground level derate according to construction of commonweal sex project relevant plan cost, unified bring into year to build the program that use the land, preferential arrangement uses ground index, ensure project needs.
2 it is appropriate deals with water works property, advance system changeover stage by stage. After project of water supply of net of urban and rural couplet is carried out, in area feed pipe the net covers an area, cancel groundwater of works of water of town, village to take water plan and right of administration of groundwater water supply, by company of town tap water water of unified carry out is managed. Price of water of carry out water and rural dweller use water water price by city price bureau jointly with bureau of town water Wu, bear in dweller of country of making overall plans and take all factors into consideration the research below the premise of reasonable earnings of the ability, profit space that makes sure works of the water that press down a village is certain and company of town tap water is affirmatory. Advancing water supply of net of urban and rural couplet and country to water in safe project process, works of water of each town, village has administrative system to keep changeless temporarily, water supply well is not used, do not discard as useless, by city Wu bureau unites water to undertake sealing up for keeping or be handed in manage by company of town tap water, reserve as lash-up fountainhead. Accelerate depreciation according to account face net value to having well of water supply of works of water of town, village, depreciation funds is in charge of paying by company of town tap water. Admit need according to water supply, works of water of company of town tap water and town, village negotiates talk things over, reform system of water supply management stage by stage, appropriate deals with asset and personnel, ensure the project moves effectively.
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