Mew lake city: City " subterranean electron map " be about to give heat
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A lot of residential area had experienced such trouble: Cop of underground of the water supply of the village, air feed produced breakdown, although to professional team the newspaper is repaired, personnel of rush to repair also often water of a mist, do not know relevant subterranean cop to be buried in where. Before long this kind of trouble will be eliminated, the our city will have general investigation to urban underground cop, ” of map of electron of underground of scale city “ , where is slack, flat, the where in construction can encounter cop, want dub mouse only, advocate all underground cop will be in the city zone the be clear at a glance on computer screen. At present subterranean cop explores a project to had entered segment of invite public bidding.
Current, urban underground cop has water supply, drain off water (rainwater, sewage) , light the cop such as gas, telegraphic, electric power, cable television, they are loading deferent information or the work that carry medium, it is the corporeal base that urban Lai Yisheng is put and expands, the ” of “ underground lifeline of the city that be called. But structures of these ” of “ underground lifeline are complex, layout is dense, among them many cop already had a few years of histories, relevant section has done not have accurate information data. Also lack these data just about, the our city is in process of urban construction construction, cop of underground of water, report, gas often is dug, create waste of a large number of manpower, financial capacity.
This census underground cop builds a division for the city inside, cop overall length makes an appointment with 1500 kilometers, enclothe the city zone kilometer of 30 much square. This census proposes form subterranean cop information to run a system, ” of map of electron of “ of scale underground cop, have subterranean cop news getting with digital form, memory, processing, analysis, management, inquiry, output, build practical data to replace a mechanism, assure the trends administration of subterranean cop data, at the same time the system records subterranean cop to use fixed number of year, safe to all sorts of cop use circumstance undertakes trends is monitored, raise level of modernization of information of urban underground cop not only, and for urban cop program, construction and management provide a basis.