Russia is signed in east agreement of branch line principle of China of line oi
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28 days, russian two countries is signed in Moscow in " forgive memorandum about be in what oil field cooperates " , company of group of Chinese oil natural gas and Russia pipeline transport company " about Sikewoluojinuo - medium conduit of crude oil of Russian border land, wen Jiabao of premier of Chinese the State Council and Beijing of Russia premier general attend signing ceremony jointly.
Two countries premier signed that day " in Russian premier thirteenth second meet regularly associated bulletin " express, collaboration of the sources of energy is medium the main component that associate of Russian strategy cooperation concerns, want according to principle of mutually beneficial mutual benefit, begin the collaboration of energy field deep. Bilateral support begins the collaboration of oil gas domain, include to solve through conduit carriage means offers oily, oil for a long time to swim up and down to China collaboration, natural gas is supplied, build natural gas treatment and chemical business and to in market of the Three Kingdoms of pass an imperial examination of Russian two countries sells the issue such as corresponding product.
Both sides will deepen the collaboration of electric power domain further, power supply of the Russia in including project of the first phase, restore Russia to make work to Chinese edge trade report. Will continue to be in at the same time cropland bay nuclear power plant 2 period technology of cable of nucleus of project, fast crowd, uranium condenses a factory the nuclear energy domain such as aftertreatment of exploration of construction, uranium, nuclear power plant and fast crowd fuel, lack fuel and nuclear flotsam loop begins collaboration.
This month 26 days, hill of Wang Qi of Vice Prime Minister of Chinese the State Council is in the Russia in be being chaired jointly with Xie Qin of Russian Vice Prime Minister when delegate of negotiation of the sources of energy meets, the sources of energy of the Russia in putting forward cooperates 3 principles: It is principle of comprehensive and long-term cooperation, include the respect such as oil gas, nuclear energy, electric power and financial field; 2 it is market principle, by international current practice pushs collaboration; 3 it is principle of mutual benefit win-win, take care of each other adequately to be deeply concerned.
"Sikewoluojinuo - in conduit of crude oil of Russian border land " namely thing Bai Liya - branch line of China of pipeline of Pacific Ocean oil. East - too oil pipeline removes Russia on the west Taishete, the bay of division aid Mi Nuo with Russia coastal Pacific Ocean comes east, full-length more than 4000 kilometers. Russia plans to lead to branch line conduit of China from Sikewoluojinuo through building, transport 20 million tons of among them oil China, prepare to pass railroad general the rest of 10 million tons of oil transfer haven of Russian the eastpart part, exit reachs Asia-Pacific area.
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