25 billion dollar of Chinese exchanges Russian oil petroleum pipeline to build
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Wen Jiabao of premier of Chinese the State Council arrives at Moscow 27 days late, begin to have official visit to Russia. Intermediary report says outside, during Wen Jiabao visits Russia this, will reach support of 25 billion dollar to change 300 million tons of petrolic with Russia agreement.
According to the BBC (BBC) 28 days of reports, during Premier Wen Jiabao visits Russia, russian both sides will sign a series of bilateral collaboration documents in, include a long-term oil cooperation agreement among them. Report, the agreement will be in when official of day and 28 Russia talks, Wen Jiabao discusses. At present because the concern with western country is intense, russia hope changes oil outcome from the west, and regard China as the biggest market.
The report says, according to the agreement, china will provide the 20 billion loan to 25 billion dollar to Russia, chinese criterion can obtain 300 million tons of crude oil that comes from Russia in coming 20 years.
Reuter thinks, in the long-term oil agreement between Russia is protracted long already. 300 million tons of oil that China obtains through the agreement occupy his about 4% of year of demand, the agreement also can help the financial crisis of the at present that solves Russian company at the same time. Message personage says, if the agreement is reached, russia Petroleum Company will obtain 3/5 fund, transport company of pipeline of Russia nation oil will get the others 2/5. Russia Petroleum Company rejects to publish a comment to this at present.
Spokesman of transport company of pipeline of Russia nation oil expresses, this company on 28 days with in oil signs an agreement, for thing Bai Liya - branch line of China of pipeline of Pacific Ocean oil builds discharged. This cost exceeds the conduit day of 15 billion dollar to be defeated by oily quantity to be 600 thousand pails about, need is finishing before next year bottom.
Law intermediary says in Russia signs agreement of Siberia oil cop
Report, this cop general from in the thing Bai Liya that build - line of mainstay of cop of Pacific Ocean oil is outspread all the time to Chinese border land, predict to be able to transport 15 million tons of oil every year to China.
Russian newspaper: Russian two countries is by stone vitta in be linked together closely
Round-the-world times is stationed in Liang Xiaoyi of reporter of Russia engage by special arrangement to report Russia and China already decided to build associated oil pipeline. Divide this beyond, both sides still devotes oneself to to implement many coact project in natural gas domain, and continue to maintain collaboration in nuclear energy domain.
According to Russia " years " the net will publish a problem to be on October 26 " oil is in charge of line general China and Russia urgent be linked together " the article says, the oil cop that leads to Chinese border land from Sikewoluojinuo contacts two countries cheek by jowl. Oil project already was discussed, china is right (presently square) technical condition is satisfied. According to Russia deputy total Xie Qin says, in dialog of the 2nd round of the sources of energy sides with Russian two countries " correct " direction is ongoing. Two countries negotiation is final result general make it " equipment of energy field collaboration is bilateral forget to record " .
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