Russian two countries is by oil tube in be linked together closely
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Russia and China already decided to build associated oil pipeline. Divide this beyond, both sides still devotes oneself to to implement many coact project in natural gas domain, and continue to maintain collaboration in nuclear energy domain.
According to Russia " years " the net will publish a problem to be on October 26 " oil is in charge of line general China and Russia urgent be linked together " the article says, the oil cop that leads to Chinese border land from Sikewoluojinuo contacts two countries cheek by jowl. Oil project already was discussed, china is right (presently square) technical condition is satisfied. According to Russia deputy total Xie Qin says, in dialog of the 2nd round of the sources of energy sides with Russian two countries " correct " direction is ongoing. Two countries negotiation is final result general make it " equipment of energy field collaboration is bilateral forget to record " .
According to Russia " message " TV channel report, will establish to be mixed by Shimateke of Russian energy minister according to this memorandum the working group that chief of department of Chinese nation energy heads. Need special those who point out is, russia already was in in in Russian churchyard established joint venture respectively. Thing Bai Liya - China of pipeline of Pacific Ocean oil distributes line item already be all set, future arrives inside time of a half moon, concern parameter talk appropriate finally. This contract predicts to will last 15 years.
Presently " years " net article says, russia still can be in in natural gas, electric energy and nuclear energy domain undertake cooperative actively. What be worth to be carried more is, china overcame the effect that global banking crisis brings successfully. According to president of Chinese Central Bank Zhou Xiaochuan says, chinese economic atmosphere is good, economy and bank system are stable, won't suffer crisis effect.