Iranian plan produces oil day can rise 5.3 million bucket
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According to the report, housaiyin Nuzali will be opposite Gulamu of Iranian oil minister on October 26 reporter of Iranian Mehr news agency says, iran prepares a native oil daily output to ended premise to go to 5.3 million pails high 2010.
Nuzali says, iranian order the day before yesterday produces oil 4.35 million pails, but, plan of Iranian oil department is in native oil daily output Iran plan of the 4th 5 years of development (came 2005 2010) 5.3 million pails increase before the end.
Complement says Nuzali, iran returns day to produce natural gas of 500 million stere and many pails of 40 condensate at present.
Complement says Nuzali, iran a few days ago already formulate the plan that exports natural gas to different country. Iran reached a natural gas to export an agreement with Switzerland a few days ago.
Company of export of natural gas of state-operated Iran country is in this year March with Swiss Elektrizitaetsgesellschaft Laufenburg (EGL) company signed a significant agreement, according to this agreement, the supplies 5.5 billion stere every year through Turkey Xiang Ruishi natural gas inside 25 years when Iran rises from 2011.