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A few days ago, beijing of Russian president general signs and issue special command, emphasize pipeline of oil of Pacific Ocean of thing Bai Liya building a project the main strategy meaning to Russia, assistance quickens Fuladekefu of requirement Russia premier the project builds a course.
Responsible east Gai Geligeliyefu expresses the Xie Er of vice-president of Russia oil transport company of project of construction of line oil pipeline, the command that president of Beijing of company expectation general asks to quicken a project to achieve a progress can produce positive effect to project time limit for a project, coordinate basis of zoology of good project technology finally, the company is passed inside the shortest time a month is forward the document of basis of project technology zoology that the government submits, safeguard project construction begins construction in time.
Geligeliyefu emphasizes, oil transport company already asked to prepare according to the government and handed over pipeline of oil of Pacific Ocean of thing Bai Liya to build the first phase to build schedule. According to arrangement of this one program, the company will be at the beginning of 2006 begin to begin construction construction oil pipeline, but final construction deadline, course, mode will depend on of basis of project technology zoology through.
He emphasizes at the same time, the company will be in charge of project of the first phase building capital problem, predicting amount 6.6 billion dollar, main way is leasehold, but leasehold mode still is not clear about at present. Because fail to hold shareholder annual meeting and board of directors up to now, cannot undertake big trade and lend credit eye. Will discuss shareholder annual meeting and the company board of directors that distribute diamonds record to be forced to interrupt on May 23, did not attend a meeting again later, because oil transport company is the state-owned company of 100% , fail to win the governmental injunction about share out bonus up to now, have no right to decide plan of share out bonus independently.
About east the problem of course of line oil pipeline and terminal, had talked time a few years. By 2004, russian government decides laid arrives finally Pacific Ocean is coastal, is not the oil pipeline that reachs Chinese Daqing city directly. But, appeared subsequently country of basis of project technology zoology is censorial problem, local zoology expert thinks cop is apart from Lake Baikal too close, meeting opposite condition causes great harm.
Rich ministry announces Russia, the technical zoology basis of oil transport company nots agree with lawful law requirement, the choice did not press constitution act when cop of oil of Lake Baikal area. By September 2005, oil transport company again to national organisms' habits censorial arrange hands over oil pipeline to build file of technical zoology basis, geligeliyefu shows vice president, new project technology modes of life and relation to their environment did not have big change according to main parameter, project terminal for Peiliewocinaya the bay won't be changed, the project always invests dimensions 11.5 billion dollar. On April 26, 2005, industry and energy minister Helisijianke already were signed " phase of construction of system of pipeline of oil of Pacific Ocean of thing Bai Liya differentiates your " , agree with the program that oil transport company offers.
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