Black Russia will sign natural gas to supply a contract in November
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According to news agency of Russia RIA Novosti base complementary report, shen Ke of · Ji Mo will say Youliya of prime minister of Wu Kelan government here on October 27, wu Kelan will sign to concern the contract that natural gas supplied 2009 with Russia November likely.
The word of division of Mo Shen of season of cite of news agency of Wu Kelan UNIAN reports: "I think we will sign natural gas to supply a contract November. I believe firmly we will be reached with Russian Federation government November forgive and sign necessary document " .
Oil of Wu Kelan nation and natural gas company (Naftogaz) director Oleh Dubyna is some earlier moment ever said, this agreement will be signed later on in October.
Shen Ke of Ji Mo of Premier Wu Kelan interviewed its Russia to travel together in Moscow at the beginning of October Fulajimier Pu Beijing. Both sides agrees to intermediate trafficker eliminates in supplying a plan and agree to turn natural gas price to the price of European level inside 3 years from natural gas.
Russia supplied the price to date of Wukelan's natural gas to did not disclose external 2009. Wu Kelan government ever said for many times, base price of complementary hope natural gas will not exceed every 1000 stere 300 dollars.
The price that Wu Kelan pays Russia natural gas this year is every 1000 stere 179.5 dollars.