Oil is in charge of academy and British TWI company to have technical communica
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Recently, 3 people of group of Mr · Mr Dilaini go to fred of manager of department of market of British TWI limited company conduit science academy has technical communication. This technical communication is an academy after joining TWI to organize, call in the 4th times of expert of British TWI limited company.
British TWI company held water 1946, it is center of the world's famous material join technology, also be the world solders the professional origanization construction that there is main force in the domain.
The demonstrative spirit that implements Su Shifeng of conduit bureau director to go up in conference of conduit bureau job to be carried out deep, the academy is adopted, the method that comes in please, develop collaboration of domestic and international technology and communication activity further. This the academy plans to develop the cooperative project of the following respect with British TWI company: Regard international as cooperative project " the development that laser beam welding receives technology and equipment is developed " , this project basically is aimed at construction of marine pipeline construction; Design of full measure lab and construction cooperate; Conduit integrality administers the long-term cooperation of the respect; Solder the international of the personnel of relevant and professional technology such as lab, material lab, anticorrosive lab grooms cooperate with qualificatory attestation.