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In solid had done the change that ask for the ground to occupy, special establishment on the migratory, foundation that optimizes the job such as the design, the line wears Yellow River project to was under construction on full steam a few days ago east construction. Current, each job is undertaking in order, engineering construction goes well, entered large-scale construction phase in the round, lift east the line wears climax of construction of Yellow River engineering.
Up to on October 15, the line wears project of the area austral the Yellow River east each mark paragraph project ministry construction already was finished entirely, building site lab already was built, construction uses report and road to be finished basically, tong mixes add up to a station to have productivity basically already, bank of spot of Dong Pinghu jade defeats a bank to work to already was finished, each mark paragraph already undertaking falling drainage system and construction of engineering of cubic meter of earth. The member that accumulative total day throws construction person 260 more than person, equipment more than 90, the project that finish invests more than yuan 900. Among them south area project gives mark of lake brake project paragraph clear earth of the surface layer that finish 6200 stere, barrel-drain excavate 3500 stere, excavate of cubic meter of earth of jade spot bank twenty-seven thousand five hundred stere; Trunk canal and traffic project bid finish levee Qing Dynasty south base 7000 stere, channel excavate 60 thousand stere, the part is out of shape the equipment that monitor is installed; Beach ground buries label tubal Ⅰ paragraph excavate of cubic meter of earth of brake of overhaul of the entrance that finish twelve thousand seven hundred stere, excavate of the cubic meter of earth that bury a canal forty-four thousand five hundred stere; Beach ground buries label tubal Ⅱ paragraph finish answer agrarian earth excavate 19 thousand stere, excavate of cubic meter of earth 1200 stere.
The line wears project of area of Yellow River north east wear project of yellow Sui hole to already finished construction to measure control network, n of construction area field is whole, construction uses system of wind, water, report, communication, spot life division, office division and construction are auxiliary plant factory building is reparative wait for the job. Excavate of cubic meter of earth of excavate of the cubic meter of earth of excavate of Sui hole cubic metro of earth and stone and timbering project that finish 3700 stere, excavate of cubic metre of stone 1500 stere, anchorage lever 93, tong gush protects 430 thousand stere. The cloth that management of division of the excavate that ground of boreal area beach buried tubal project to complete attrib border stake, life measures control network with room, construction is set, of construction section cross section measure wait for the job, already finished excavate of cubic meter of earth at present 197 thousand stere. Wear bring Huang Qu to bury case and join bright canal the project already finished those who measure datum mark answer measure, the cloth that construction measures a net is set, of line of the brim outside beginning a construction and primitive landform measure the job. Observation project began safety of Yellow River levee to undertake to safety of Yellow River levee the static state is monitored with exit cubic metre of stone blows up the dynamic monitoring job of excavate.
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