Shandong He lustre city is held east piscine river cut corrupt first phase proj
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On October 22, 2008, organization of Shandong He lustre city is held east piscine river cut corrupt tell sb one's real intentions of design of first phase project meets diversion project. North of the water austral He lustre city moves project management board, Shandong to save designing institute of irrigation works survey, Shandong to save academy of water estate development, Shandong the controller of the unit such as head office of water conservancy project joins limited company of construction of Cheng of big Yu Gong, He lustre.
Designing institute of survey of irrigation works of province of design unit Shandong reachs project of form a complete set to Lei Zehu reservoir, piece brake of goverment office in feudal China, east piscine Heibei raises wadi develop to dig a project to designed blueprint to have technical put all one's card on the table, inspected construction site. Attend the meeting to still just be aimed at cut each corrupt diversion project blueprint and the problem that construction respect exists had sufficient communication communication.
This second design tell sb one's real intentions is met, make construction unit and inspect manage unit deepened the understanding of characteristic of file of pair of design intents, design, difficulty, doubtful point, mastered the quality requirement of crucial project place, made clear further east piscine river cut corrupt the construction standard requirement in blueprint of first phase mixes diversion project specific the programme of construction, created good blueprint technology condition for engineering construction, ensure construction success and project quality.