Water north is moved south east cut of line Xuzhou city corrupt construction of
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On October 25, water north is moved south east cut of city of line Jiangsu Xuzhou corrupt construction of diversion engineering go into operation. This mark Jiangsu saves implementation east line section corrupt the target that full go into operation builds diversion project, also indicate province control unit treats a Jiangsu corrupt 5 plan is definite kinds 102 are treated corrupt the project is under construction on full steam construction.
Attune of north of the water austral the State Council does to start working ceremony to send letter congratulation. Jiangsu saves secretary of municipal Party committee of vice-governor, Xuzhou to Xu Ming attends start working ceremony and announce engineering go into operation. Hall of hall of Jiangsu province irrigation works is long, south water north attune does director Lv Zhenlin, cao Xinping of Xuzhou city mayor attends start working ceremony and speak.
Water north is moved south east the line is located in economy relatively the area of the eastpart part that develop, be in Jiangsu province north of existing river water moves the enlarge on the foundation northerly and large-scale, outspread, circuit overall length 1467 kilometers (among them the Yangtse River comes Dong Pinghu 1045 kilometers, the Yellow River with north 173 kilometers, glue east artery is defeated by water 240 kilometers, wear yellow reach 8 kilometers) , the project basically uses existing capital Hangzhou the canal is defeated by water and laky attune harbour. Long-term since, these wadi and laky water pollution are quite serious, job of water pollution prevention and cure is mattered to south water north is moved east the success or failure of line project. Be in early overall planning phase, the State Council should hold to from beginning to end with respect to project of attune of north of the water austral the requirement " water is moved after section water first, treat first corrupt hind connect water, water is used after environmental protection first " principle. Central leader ever also pointed out, should treat corrupt put in prominent place with zoology environmental protection, north of the water austral play moves a project to drive the radiation action that key catchment water pollution prevents and cure, will south fountainhead of project of water north attune and prevention and cure of water pollution of along the line and zoology construction work mention new height.
Before connecting water to be in, make east line project is defeated by water quality of water the whole line to achieve Ⅲ of quality of environment of national surface water kind standard, the country develops innovation appoint wove jointly with concerned branch " south water north is moved east line project is treated corrupt program " , carry out via approval of the State Council. Two provinces of Jiangsu, Shandong according to " south water north is moved east line project is treated corrupt program " and " south water north is moved east line project is treated corrupt the program carries out an opinion " requirement, basis " water quality, gross, project, investment and responsibility " of 5 an organic whole treat corrupt requirement, made control unit treat corrupt executive plan, decide finally east line first phase is treated corrupt project 426 (among them industrial point source administers 214, sewage disposal and second birth use 155, catchment is integrated punish 31, cut corrupt diversion 26) , always invest 15.3 billion yuan. North of the water austral Jiangsu province is moved east the line is treated corrupt control unit carried out plan to decide Yangzhou, the Huaihe River is installed, city of Su Qian, Xuzhou, peaceful 5 cut corrupt diversion project, cut of city of the state that divide peaceful corrupt diversion project already used a place to funds raised by oneself to borrow money with the bank outside building, yangzhou, the Huaihe River is installed, Su Qian 3 cut corrupt diversion project all already 2007 start working, clutching at present construction.
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