On the west river of second line stone child mark paragraph conduit main body f
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On September 18, by conduit of 3 companies construction enrage on the west east be defeated by second line Shi He child mark paragraph conduit main body is finishing, shi He child municipal government leader and city classics trade appoint, the sectional chief such as land bureau is congratulated to the spot.
On the west river of second line stone child mark Duan Xiqi farming 8 division 13 even, ma Na Sihe side reachs east, full-length 31.5 kilometers. Cop coordinates difficulty with ground of ground ask forring big. But, this mark paragraph pipeline construction gets Shi He child of municipal Party committee, municipal government support energetically. Main leader represents municipal government, enrage on the west east losing second line is national major project, also be the main project that economy of stimulative reclamation area develops, construction cannot be in Shi He child the area delays minute of second. Harmonious group holds to municipal government " special the thing does especially, urgent thing does urgently, the favour does quickly " principle, solve the problem that encounters in pipeline construction. The farmer compensates for a paragraph to reach the designated position not in time, municipal government is decisive capital of pay for sb and expect to be repaid later is close 2 million yuan, made sure the project goes on wheels.
Local government and local farmer are right of project support energetically, oblivious of oneself job accelerates stimulant unit staff project plan, restore construction site landforms as soon as possible with redound farmer masses. Shi He child mark paragraph plumbing on May 30 start working, 3 companies throw conduit 3 aircrew 180 much people fight bravely day and night, achieved day to solder quality of 58 road junction all fronts record of 100% , complete this bid ahead of schedule paragraph construction job.
In construction, unit staff cherishs one seedling one wood, exercise takes strict control to be in 28 meters of less than. Aircrew still printed service card, bought cast conduit line, satisfy a laborer to use water requirement at any time, around villager sends water actively to building site, send melon and fruit, built harmonious construction atmosphere.