Enrage on the west east lose conduit put into production 5 years enlightenment
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5 years ago on October 1, grow those who celebrate gas field to flush " happy event is angry " ceaseless infuse enrages in a steady stream on the west east be defeated by conduit, approach Shanghai and area of delta of the Yangtse River continuously.
Went 5 years, main artery of this the sources of energy gives economy of region of along the line development, environment life of structure of improvement, the sources of energy, common people brought tremendous change.
Pull use benefit of economy of along the line downstream user
Have expert opinion, enrage on the west east be defeated by a project plan and build, accomplished stimulative economy grows and raise photograph of people living standard to be united in wedlock, engineering construction and environmental protection photograph are united in wedlock, upriver resource prepares adequately and development of market of downstream natural gas extends photograph union, investment and accrual photograph are united in wedlock.
Enrage on the west east be defeated by by way of 13 provinces (city) municipality, area of along the line each is benefited, become the benefit project of be worthy of the name.
Upriver gas field develops 28.4 billion yuan of investment and conduit to build 46.3 billion investment 67% be in center-west region centrally. Enrage on the west east the construction that be defeated and put into production, will western resource advantage is changed into economic advantage.
Enraging source ground Xinjiang, where does oil gas conduit repair, where to take off deficient to become rich. Current, 5 ground city uses southern part of Taklimakan desert periphery, Xinjiang entirely high grade natural gas, the highway of gas field periphery and conduit along the line and overall length of companion travel road exceed 2000 kilometers, optimized structure of local the sources of energy, improved zoology environment, obtain employment opportunity soars, drove local economy progress.
The Henan province that with electroanalysising aluminium is main product is anxious make company of much fluorine much chemical industry want every year before to burn nearly 3000 tons of coal, discharged 2 oxidation sulfur not only polluted an environment, also affected product quality. Shut soon in the factory when, gas lets business bring the dying back to life on the west, profit grows 160% .
Be famous in the Taodou Jiangsu appropriate of China and foreign countries to promote, abandoning charcoal, coal, gas wait for traditional fuel to convert after natural gas, old ceramics coruscate green. Character of pottery and porcelain rises significantly, a large number of smother that combustion produces disappeared, ancient town of regain of green hill green water.
Enter angrily on the west, make user of Shanghai natural gas 5 years a growth is 10 times closer, gas occupies whole town to use the 60 % of tolerance for tolerance on the west. As natural gas gain ground, come a few years good index takes air the 89 % above of annual, acid rain occurence rate is reduced considerably. Pollute an area again in the city zone -- steelworks of Bao Gang spy, the reporter sees, use natural gas, pull down after 150 gas furnace, plant area contaminant is discharged gradually hasten 0, the dweller is not had again all round complain, plant area became a garden.
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