Enrage on the west east be defeated by hydrocarbon of analyse of the conduit th
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On October 18 from enrage on the west east be defeated by pipeline company know, by enrage on the west east those who be defeated by pipeline company to assume " enrage on the west east analysis of hydrocarbon is defeated by analyse and countermeasure research " project, solved conduit successfully to carry medium analyse hydrocarbon difficult problem, fill hydrocarbon of analyse of conduit of natural gas of force of domestic high pressure, large requirements analyses blank, check and accept smoothly through Chinese oil joint-stock company.
The separate out of fluid hydrocarbon is opposite easily sealed system of system of air of compressor group fuel, dry gas is caused damage, immediate impact compresses aircrew to move normally. And country is force, big to high pressure the photograph voice change that conduit of caliber natural gas issues in the low rate that hold fluid still does not have accurate research positive result, the maths of the model begs solution to also belong to difficult problem.
Project group carries theory and field test research, gave out to apply to first enrage on the west east be defeated by the conduit, method that uses dew point of hydrocarbon of conduit of computation of color atlas of online gas phase. In the meantime, put forward to use business to undertake conduit analyse hydrocarbon with software first estimated method, move for conduit safety provided technical support. Introduce according to the expert inside course of study, this project not only fill the blank that domestic conduit carries hydrocarbon of the analyse in craft to analyse, and consider and put forward enrage on the west east be defeated when encountering temperament to exceed the sudden accident such as mark how utmost reduces a loss, reduce the method such as adverse effect, will be home to be about to build or already the other and large conduit transporting gas of put into production offers academic basis and technical index.